Argh! Tutorial 0 - Getting Argh!

Argh! Tutorial Part 0 This is a prequel to part 1 of the Argh! tutorial series. As it turns out hacking Argh! code is much more fun, when you are able to actually run it. So in this part I’ll show you how to get your Argh! interpreter1 up and running. For the Lazy Folks: JS Argh! There is an implementation of Argh! in javascript which can be run directly in your browser.

Argh! Tutorial 1 - Hello World

Argh! Tutorial Part 1 In 2004 I created a little esoteric programming language called Argh!, which, more than ten years later, is still some fun to a small bunch of people. One noteworthy phenomenon in the history of Argh! is, that there are seemingly more people creating new implementations of interpreters, compilers and tools for Argh! than people writing actual Argh! programs. So I decided to start this series of Argh!

first post

My first blog post So here it is, my first “real” (read: not micro) blog and of cause content is needed to bring it to live. That’s the reason for, and sole purpose of this post: generate some pseudo content. It’s needed to test all the fancy technological stuff which brings this blog to live and it’s needed to start fulfilling all the promises silently made by the title of this blog.